Before the Linsanity…

Yes, I know I’ve been posting a lot about JLIN these past three weeks, but c’mon, how could I resist? I wanted to share with you this great article I came across via my friend Alvin who is a true hardcore pre-NBA Lin supporter and has been flooding my facebook newsfeed with everything Lin this past month (forget the Linsanity app, just add Alvin as a friend for updates, lol). Anyways, the article entitled “Understanding Jeremy Lin” was written by Annie Wang, a classmate of Jeremy’s who was in the same Asian-American Christian fellowship at Harvard. She does an absolutely fantastic job at delivering a sincere and personal look into the man behind Linsanity (a real breath of fresh air, given all these reiterated media slices).

I really love this section of the piece:

The truth is, Jeremy does represent movements much bigger than himself. He is at once the timely savior of a struggling franchise, a profitable posterboy for a rejuvenated league, a champion for the often-overlooked Asian-American population, and a provocative agent of change within a conflicted China. And, of course, he is making the biggest splash as outspoken flagbearer for the cause he has steadfastly and intentionally pursued – the advancement of the Christian faith. But though much of our initial interest in Jeremy stemmed from a basic shared commonality in one of these aspects of his identity, or his appeal as the protagonist of a Cinderella story to which we might aspire, we have since nearly forgotten that Jeremy is just a man after all.

Check out the full article HERE

After reading, I couldn’t help but wish I had known Jeremy in college – what a charismatic and humble dude. I am not at all religious, however, if I were interested, I wouldn’t mind learning about faith through someone like Lin. GOOD GUY JEREMY.

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Lastly, if you need a crash course on Linsanity, check out this awesome infographic depicting Jeremy’s rise to fame. Ok, I’ve posted enough about him this week, lol.


p.s. I got tickets to see the Bulls vs. Knicks at the United Center in Chicago on March 12th! My first NBA game! Drop a comment if you’re going; I’m rockin’ nosebleeds in section 330, woot!