Inspired by my recent travels to the motherland, I have come to realize that being an American-Born Chinese (ABC) is pretty awesome. Not only does everyone in the western world think you are kung fu master with perfect hair, whenever you visit China, it’s automatically assumed that you are very successful and have friends in hollywood (only half-joking). Nevertheless, juggling between two different cultures has been both a blessing and a burden for us ABCs: though we can get the best of both worlds, most of us forever feel like outcasts in whatever society we are currently in. Additionally, we are often faced with situations where the values of our families don’t quite align with the values of our environment. For me, these moments can be utterly confusing, severely awkward, or painfully embarrassing… but most often than not, they are down right hilarious (retrospectively).

Banana life celebrates these moments I’ve had growing up as an ABC and serves as an outlet for all the fond memories I’ve had and will continue to have with my large and loving family. As I mature, my appreciation for my Chinese heritage has become stronger than ever; and after reconnecting with my extended family recently, I’ve decided it is finally time to record and reflect upon all the wonderful experiences I’ve had over the years. Above all else, I hope you enjoy reading and following along as I reminisce over my childhood and share new experiences yet to come. Perhaps my writing may even inspire you to go back and connect with your own roots. If not, then at least you can openly laugh at my bowl-cut.

Traversing the Great Wall (1998)

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